Someone once said that flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing.

Hey, I am Divya.


Welcome to my blog. I really appreciate you taking out the time and checking out my small piece of web real estate. Well if you are on this page, you want to know who's behind the blog. 

If I have to sum up myself in a few words, I'd say I adore dogs, love my family, have a big-time sweet tooth and hate to workout although I still do. If you are reading it, chances are you too share a love for beauty. I am a self confessed beauty addict and discovered my love for makeup and skincare in my late twenties and once I did, I couldn't stop and the result is this blog.  

I struggled with bad skin for most part of my younger self and trying to find a potent solution for pigmentation and acne is what catapulted me into the world of beauty. I decided to blog because I feel passionate about taking care of skin, not just during the younger years (although it would have made my life much easier) but also as you grow wiser and all that logical thinking speeds up the ageing process. And for when skincare doesn't cut it, knowledge of makeup comes in very handy.  In my blog you'd find reviews of products that I purchase for my own personal use. Since nobody pays me to review them, I don't feel obligated to write nice things about them if I don't want to.  

If you still have an appetite to read, I'd love to keep on talking.....

Born and raised in Delhi, I travelled the world before my husband and I decided to call Sydney our home in 2013. I have been at the heart of technology and software development for a decade now and after having worked for Investment Banks on the Wall Street and also assisting some of the biggest exhibition organisers in their digital strategies, I decided I'd needed a distraction of my own, so having my blog came naturally. 

I hope my blog inspires you to explore the amazing and ever evolving world of beauty. I'd love if you left a comment or even better, come and say hi on social media here - InstagramTwitter or Pinterest