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A pick-me-up Jam for face? Ilcsi Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask

Ilcsi Sour Cherry & Blackthorn Gel Mask

I have been treading the combination to oily skin turf for as long as I can remember and have always struggled with keeping the skin optimally drenched. I find that the products that tailor to oily skin are too oil stripping which eventually lead to over active sebaceous glands churning out more oil by the second but still leaving the skin feeling hungry.

After years and years of rubbish skin and when I say rubbish I factually mean it, so after many product mishaps, overly shiny t-zone (that drove away many of my first dates), I came to notice that the secret to optimum hydration lies in considering your skin as normal as possible for it to actually behave normal. Using products that are aimed for normal to combination skin is the first step, eating healthy, regular exfoliation and drinking oodles of H2O seizes the fate of your skin.

I recently came across an unusual product that caught my eye for its curious appearance and texture. It was more like a let us see what u’ve got kind of a buy. And boy did it floods my skin with moisture and brought back the get-up-and-go attitude in my skin. Born in Hungary, Ilcsi is a brand not many of us have heard. The USP of the brand is that it is a certified organic range without the hefty price tag( see now we are talking!)

The Product Decoded :

  1. Sour Cherry is known to battle free radicals and blackthorn is loaded with richness of iron so this one gets a big thumbs up from me for keeping me looking younger by fighting free radicals and improving cell regeneration.
  2. Technically it contains pectines, flavonoids, fruit sugar etc etc. What it means in our terminology is that the fruit enzymes get to work to make the skin instantly look tighter, nourished and plump. Now who doesn't want that out of a mask?
  3. It is Ideal for anyone looking to infuse some moisture into dull, tired skin. Might tingle a bit but only if your skin is quite sensitive but a qick spritz of thermal spring water is a quick fixer upper.
  4. Looks like a jam, smells like and jam, feels like a jam but boy does it work some serious wonders on the skin.
  5. It is Certified Organic so for those of you intending to go green with their skin, this one will be right up your alley!

I wasn’t expecting such good results from a pot that contained stuff which looked liked marmalade and smelt like berries but the first time I used it, I knew this one has come to stay!

Where to find - Cultbeauty.co.uk and costed me 30 GBPs.


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