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Tale of an Unsung Hero - Thermal Spring Water

Tale of an Unsung Hero - Thermal Spring Water


The only reason these made into my shopping basket was the fact that mud masks dried up so quickly and hardly got any showtime on my face to show some wonder. As soon as they were on, they were pretty much gone. And I always patted some water on, once the mask was in a dryishh state just so to squeeze a wee bit more goodness out of 'em. I always eyed (more like ogled) my hair stylist's spritz bottle and wished if I could ever have something similar of my own, so when I saw a bottle that said thermal spring water that comes out of a nozzle, its fate was sealed.

The excitement in my belly couldn’t keep me waiting for long and pretty much as soon as I hit home, I slathered some rich mud mask and waited patiently for it to go to a semi dry state. And there I was having thermal spring water in my hand, ready to spritz, a moment that I had been waiting for so long (yeah right!). Managed to squeeze 5 more mins from my mask and then washed off the whole thing. Who knew I was in for a table turning surprise! Same mud mask last week was good but this time it was freakingly awesome. My skin felt uber soft, just like a baby's bum! This led me to some googling and what I found was pretty new to me and made me realise the potential of some good quality water in a bottle. Here is why it is a wonder product.

-  Its not just for sensitive skin – This wonder potion is suitable for any skin type whenever experiencing sensitivity. Babies can use it and so can the adults.

-  Benefits I have seen - soothes inflamed or irritated skin instantly, it doesn't even take three seconds. Makes the skin ultra plush, smooth and makes it more receptive to whatever skincare follows next. I use it to neutralise the effect of harsh tap water after I wash my face.

-  Uses – Before and after cleansing, after shaving or waxing, after exercise, during travel, on Sunburn or just any burns, to set makeup or post procedures like peels, laser or microdermabrasion.

-  It is non drying as opposed to the normal tap water on face and has properties that can press a reset button on the health of the skin.

It has become such a staple product in my routine since I first purchased it naively, to match up with my hair stylist's spritzing bottle (what was I thinking!!)

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