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A Match Made in Heaven


I am certainly on the blue-violet side of the spectrum when it comes to rating my gratification with my barefaced self. Yeah enlarged pores, pigmentation and other skin concerns are not new on the playing field, which I accept with a pinch of salt on a day to day basis but my dissatisfaction reaches its apex when I need to look a tad bit polished for certain occurrences. Other than a good week-long stringent skincare regime, there are these two unswerving chums that get me there nearly every time.

I am not saying they are some brand new magic concoctions that no one has ever seen before; I am just saying that if they manage to make me one happy bunny, then they duly deserve a salute.

Benefit’s Porefessional is as heavy-duty as they come. Pores, fine lines, unevenness; it copes with all. The feel is that of a silicone-y balm that is translucent, pelts onto the skin instantly and helps the makeup stay put. A quick look at its rear tells that it contains a Vitamin E derivative, which is known to protect skin from free radicals.

I have met my subsequent match in Make Up For Ever’s HD foundation (1st of course being HIM)! Foundations and I always haven’t gone much hand in hand; well it won’t be a long shot to say that the match is always more of a sisterly match rather than a twin match. After numerous shots at claims that claim to be true matches, I kind of had given up hope that there ever will be a bottle that was made just for me. This was up until I bumped into her at Sephora and she showed me to the HD counter. Will the rest is history.

What makes it impeccable is the coverage it gives with just a pump and since it is an exact match, there is no need to brush it down the neck. Now unless I have any sour dry patches, it goes completely undetectable and is a haven for an oil slick like me. It photographs so well that it has become my sacred foundations for night outs revolving around flash photography!

Porefessional + HD Foundation mean business but it was when I added myself to this equation did I realize that the matches are made in heaven and that I have found mine.

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Easing out into the spring with Miracle Gel from Sally Hansen

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