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A Red Showstopper or a Nude Lip Rocker?

ivysmaquillagecove Friday evening makeup
Ivysmaquillagecove friday evening makeup

Fridays are my favorite part of the week, as I wrap up the work and look forward to spending some quality time with my family over the weekend. But before that it is the friday eves that bring out the party trooper in me, fill me with zest and make me tipsy( that’s later in the evening of course). On Friday’s my makeup bag is unusually stacked with MAC 217s and 219s, a rouge or a nude lipstick and a palette to smoke up my eyes. And as soon as I leave the office in the evening and get back to my ride, I bring the artillery out to paint my lids and lips to suit the demand of the occasion. A movie or dinner with friends/hubby calls for some shadow sculpting on the lids and pairing ‘em up with a nude lip. If the plans are more ambitious like clubbing and whatever follows thereafter, I bring out the Marilyn Monroe in me and pack on a bright red lip, some shimmer on the lids and carve out the crease with a hazel or brown shadow. Be it former or the latter, prepping up for Fridays refuels my energy reservoirs.

So what shade of lip lacquer will you paint your Fridays with? A Red showstopper or a Nude lip Rocker?


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