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Beach Babe Locks with Toni & Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray


Do I really need a hair product to look casual? Well that was the question trotting through my mind while hustling through the hair care/style isles of Priceline on George Street a couple of days back. And my prompt response was NO! But the deal on Tony & Guy was so scrumptious that I ended up bagging 2 T&G products at the price of one and that is how this casual teal looking product sneaked into my hair wardrobe.

There’s been so much buzz about the sea salt sprays lately that I couldn't resist grabbing this one despite my initial reluctance. Now that’s the power of Marketing and Advertising. Without these Media pillars, I'd be like a lost puppy never arriving at a decisions.

My first attempt with the spray was pretty awesome as I managed to find T&Gs casual look video on YouTube and did a step by step imitation. I was pleasantly surprised by the oodles of volume it gave to my hair. The tousled and wavy locks came by easily. The only thing missing was of course the beach babe (on my to-be list).

Since then I have been using it everyday and have devised a quick and handy morning routine. After I wash my hair, I pat them dry and generously spray it all over my hair and then blow dry as usual. This gives me a lot of bulk. For finishing touches, I spray a few more spritz on the crown of my head, the tips of my hair and scrunch my hair in-between the palms. A bit more squeezing near the temples and voila, I am done.

They packaging is good and the spray smells like breathe of god or more like a breath of god at sea. To re-instate the volume during the day, I simply flap my head upside down and the glorious oomph is back on the track. I am so elated I picked it up as it has been my savior from oily scalp and drippy hair.

Have you used it? What’s been your experience?


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