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Getting into the Groove with Sephora's Color Hit Nail Polish


It is not a big surprise that I have never been a biggie on nail lacquers but rather prefer heading out for a manicure twice a month. The reason is the mess I make whenever I tend to get artistic with my nail paint stash. Right is the hand that makes me fail miserably but left is also somewhat streaky and not that ladylike. Let’s just say that after multiple failures year after year, I just decided not to try and accepted my fate that I am not born to be using nail paints.

Well the big news is that it wasn't me who messed up over the years but it was the choice of nail paints and their consistency and textures that toppled me upside down. Last week I was overly wary when I popped a bottle of Sephora's Color Hit Nail Polish in 10 Never Say No - Iridescent Taupe in my basket thinking that this one would also eventually land up in the trash. But little did I know that this small bottle could change my perception of the nail lacquers so drastically. Sephora Nail Lacquers have swept me off my feet and blown away my mind. I never could have ever anticipated that I could ever feel that way for a nail lacquer. Every time I open the teeny tiny bottle, I have this moment with it and my eyes give away that I am I love with it.

It is a beautiful Taupe color with hint of shimmer that gives it it's iridescence. The brush is simply heavenly and I think it should become illegal for brushes not to be like the ones in Sephora Nail lacquers. Two strokes is all it takes to do the entire nail and no ugly strokes, no messy nail boundaries.  My confidence is sky high and I am thoroughly enjoying my newly gained groove. Now I have my eyes set on the other shades and textures and can't wait to pick up a few more.


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