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Looking to pick up a Perfume for someone?

Looking to pick up a Perfume for someone?


Every now and then my mum calls me up to notify that she is running out of her perfume and asks me to pick up another one. Then there are friends who love receiving perfumes as gifts and more often than not, I find myself in a bit of a fix. I simply can’t pick up whatever the sales girl is pushing for and mostly it is their latest product window merchandise.

I have learnt it the hard way but there are only a limited number of sniffs your nose can take before it gives up; no matter how many times you dig your nose in that pot of coffee beans. I am a nightmare of a customer for any perfume salesman as I find it hard to believe that there is nothing better on their shelves than what I have just whiffed. I have to sniff it all! Now that isn’t derived from my expertise for perfumes but from the indecisive scales of Librian diplomacy.

So now I always do my homework before I head out to pick up a fragrance for my near and dear ones. The prep work is a must else for someone like my mum who is an all the way floral fan, anything too spicy or woody is instantly associated with dad’s old spice and ousted immediately. I personally find that the risk taker gift giver doesn’t work very well especially for my mum who is now a regular client of mine. So here is how it all goes -

·         I usually jot down what type of fragrances they like on a regular basis like peonies (floral) or oranges (fruity) or incense (woody) or cardamom (spicy) etc. and try not to wander off too much from the vicinity.

·         Next I go onto http://www.basenotes.net/ and start with looking for the brand I have in mind. I am more brand equity driven than anything else so if I have a Jo Malone in mind, that’s where I’d start my research.

·         I would then stick to either ‘florally’ or ‘woodier’ or ‘citrusy’ fragrances and look at their top, heart and base notes. I also compare these notes with something that I have gifted in the past that they really liked and try to go along the same notes but with a bit of a twist. Having a good understanding of notes really cuts the job down to half.

·         I read the reviews that people leave on basenotes.net and boy they mean some serious business. A quick glance will give you alternate brands that do similar scents and which one among those did people mostly prefer and this info comes in real handy.

·         By now I usually collate what fragrance notes I intend to stick to, the brands I will consider other than what I started with and which particular fragrance did people find interesting and unique in that group of scents.  So now when I go to test a few sniffs of different brands, I can quickly come down to a subset whose spray strips I take home.

·         I keep them over night and if I still like them in the morning, I buy the one that still smells amazing.

Well, I do go wild at times but when only when buying perfumes for friends who I know would love something new that they haven’t tried before else I stick to my my nerdy way of perfume purchasing and it seldom lets me down.

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