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March '15 Beauty Favorites


I wanted to publish this one in the nick of time but apparently I misplaced two of the March favourites during my move and it took me ages to find them and finally get them to pose for the camera. So these are the ones that topped the charts this month.


1. Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask from The Body Shop – If someday Body Shop decides to discontinue it, I’ll be like a lost puppy! This is their thirst quenching Vitamin E laden Sink-in Moisture Mask and gosh this is one hell of a product. I use it at night time, just before bed and leave it till morning (it doesn’t say that on the tin but that is how I do it) and my skin becomes completely rejuvenated, revived and plumped overnight. It is great of all skin types, my hubby has a dry dehydrated skin and he loves it and I am an oil slick and I love it, which is a good indicator of how good this is. If you decide to buy one product this month, make it this one..yeah that is how good it is!


2. MAC Fix + has been hanging around my beauty drawer for ages without me realising its true potential until last year when I attended a Nicole Thompson (Senior makeup artist at MAC Australia) seminar at IMATS. It can be used while applying the makeup for a dewy and flawless finish or for setting the makeup into place. However cakey your foundation looks, a few spritz of Fix + can fix any base problem at all.

3. Maybelline’s Mega Plus Volume Express Mascara didn’t float my boat up until recently when I kind of rediscovered it and fell in love with it. I call it the No Makeup Makeup Mascara as the formula is so gel like and gives the most subtly beautiful separated lashes without clogging them or making it apparent that girl we know you don’t have those lashes, we can see the mascara. It has become my go-to mascara for a subtle everyday look. Note – If you are quite sparse in the lash department, then this one just won’t cut it for you because it enhances what you already have.


4. Chanel’s Rouge Allure Gloss is inspired by their ROUGE ALLURE lipstick. I have tried this formula before and I have to say it is worthy of all possible laurels. It has a silky gel texture that makes the lips feel so contended and look luminous, full and sensuous for hours. Great longevity without being sticky unlike other gluey glosses in the market that claim to stay on your lips for a lifetime.

5. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a life savour and is among the most raved product among the beauty community world wide. It is a high coverage concealer that lightens up the under eye area. Now this alone isn’t sufficient for me because I have quite severe dark circles but on top of a colour corrector, it works wonders. Since it is so high coverage that on days when I don’t want to wear a foundation, I apply it around the nose, cupid’s bow and chin area and voilahh I am done.

So wrapping up my March 2015 beauty favourites and hoping to fell in love with a few more great products in the month of April. Have you tried any of these product? 


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