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The one where I talk about his unusally surprising skincare

The one where I talk about his unusally surprising skincare


My better half in quite literal sense has become better when it comes to taking care of his skin.  After pestering him for the past 5 years that Ponds isn’t the best cream out there in the whole wide world and that the skincare involves more than just a body wash and moisturizer, by the look of things, I think I finally have him convinced that he wouldn’t have to devise a finely-orchestrated skincare regime in order to have one.  

I have seen him enjoy a rich face cream and he also loves a good scrubby face wash and well wait…he loves his face oil, yeah you heard it right. Face oil... He likes all of that as long as he doesn’t have to buy it which is where I step into the equation. So I decided to hear his thoughts on his skincare since he’s been clearly enjoying the plethora of new products lately. 

His first comment, “I like to have options. Can’t use the same cream twice a day.” That is why you’d see the two of each in the images.  


Face Wash - "Which one do you like more?" "ummmm the light blue one because it comes off easily but on days when I have been sweating too much, the one with the beads.” I assume that’s what the beads are for. I was amazed he got that one right. Ata boy!

He loves a lathering face wash, the more the lather, the merrier it is. So when I got a free sample of Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean, I knew it was a match made in heaver i.e. a face wash producing a lot of lather and washes off with just one splash of water. I don’t see any other face wash ever going into the shopping basket ever again when he asked me “to grab that blue tube”. And Kiehl's Facial Fuel Scrub is a winner when it comes to scrubbing away the dead skin. He has quite dry and parched skin and appreciates a good scrub every now and then.

Moisturisers - "So what do you like in your moisturiser?" "errrr the scent should be musky, is that what you say? I mean the scent is manly. I don’t know what to say. Also depends on my mood. Don’t feel like using the same cream all the time.” “Yeah we heard that one before!”

He has been quite ambitious with moisturisers in the past year. He let Origins touch his skin but not for long, the scent was not up to the task for him. His night time is Cade from L’Occitane as it is slightly thicker than Kiehl's. He likes Kiehl's for the day time and it smells refreshing. "Which one will you repurchase?” "I think the Kiehl's one as it stays on my face during the day and when I come home in the evening my face is not itchy or dry.” 

Oils- Yes you heard it ladies, he loves a good oil! And wait he has been a proud reviewer of 3 full size face oils and a few samples here and there. In fact, I hear him whisper “ask for oil samples” in my ear every quite so often when he is around during my skincare shopping. 

Oils have been the game changer for his skin care. Sometime during last year, on a Sunday, when he had a bit of time on his hand to snoop around my skincare stash, he discovered the midnight oil and since then he has never looked back. The oils are his forte now and well I kind of look up to him for what he has to say about a new one. He says he adds like two drops of oil to his moisturiser but whenever I am around to see, its more like 4-5 drops. No wonder you don’t have a dry and flaky skin any more! One would think that it would make him look the back of a wok but believe me his skin soaks it all up. 

I don’t see him looking any James bondishh with his elaborate 3-step skincare regime but I sure do notice that his dry skin woes are a thing of the past and I guess we both are happy with that. 

Get Your Perfect Match with Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop

Get Your Perfect Match with Shade Adjusting Drops from The Body Shop